Refund of Fees

Any oilseed producer subject to the assessment provided in the Oklahoma Oilseed Resources Act may request a refund ofthe fees so assessed, within sixty days following the collection of the fee. Any oilseed producer requesting a refund shall make application to the Oklahoma Oilseed Commission for the refund of the assessment. Along with the application, the oilseed producer shall submit the evidence of payment of the fee and of the amount of oilseed sold required by the Commission.  The Commission may verify the accuracy of the request for the refund. Upon receipt of the application for a refund and evidence required, the Commission shall refund the amount of the assessment owed to the producer within thirty days of the date the refund request was received and the Commission received payment from the first purchaser.

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For further information on refunds contact OOC chairman, Brent Rendel,