Oilseed Commission To Fund $65,000 In Research

The Oklahoma Oilseed Commission was established in 2010 to benefit the canola and sunflower industries of Oklahoma and is solely funded through an assessment on producer sales. These oilseeds are a rapidly-growing sector of Oklahoma’s agricultural industry. Since its inception, the Commission has strived to support a robust research program throughout the state using the assessment funds to maximize the direct benefit to growers.

For the 2012-2013 growing season, the Oklahoma Oilseed Commission is pleased to announce that it will sponsor nearly $65,000 in Oklahoma canola research through Oklahoma State University. Research will cover a wide range of production issues including soil fertility, insect control, and disease control. This research will not be limited to university research stations, but will also be spread across the state in farmer fields. Our goal is to provide practical results that producers can observe first-hand.

Additionally, all research results will be consolidated into a convenient report available to growers online, at Extension offices, and at grower meetings throughout the year.

The Commission strongly encourages canola and sunflower producers to provide feedback and suggestions on areas of concern as to where we should focus our efforts. I can be reached by my direct e-mail at okiefarmer@yahoo.com and contact information for all of the commissioners can be found at our website – okoilseed.org . This is YOUR Commission and your input is vital to help Oklahoma continue on its path of success in oilseed production.

Brent Rendel, Chairman

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